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Our Big Day Out
is about the presence, and time devoted to those in need, it’s about creating an unforgettable story, where affection and care play the key roles. It is an individual resolution, a guide to becoming best friends with those less fortunate. 

In May 2005 a group of friends colleagues and business partners joined forces and took out a group of institutionalized children, with the scope of offering them a special, memorable day.  A message was sent to just a few, the response and enthusiasm exceeded all expectations. In our first edition, 130 volunteers took out 94 children to the Antipa Museum and the Globus Circus. The smiling faces, shared laughter, and precious moments said it all.

The second edition of Our Big Day Out took place in Balonul Copiilor, Herastrau. We transformed the inside into a “field of dreams” complete with gigantic inflatable games, music, food, and creative “fun stations” with arts and crafts, jewelry and t-shirt design, face-painting, basketball, football, badminton and topped off with a private concert by Hi-Q. Again, 142 kids and many volunteers enjoyed another amazing day of fun, bonding, and infectious laughter.  Our Big Day Out was only going to get bigger.   
9 editions later, Our Big Day Out has taken out between 240 & 320 institutionalized children, twice a year – offering them a day both they and the volunteers will cherish for a lifetime.    
Our Big Day Out also reaches out to other beneficiaries: elderly people in resident homes and over 1,000 less fotunate families and children in the care of Ovidiu Rom Association (, Dobroteasa & Flamanda Churches, the City Halls of  Sect. 1 and Sect. 4, Special Olympics, Motivation, Romani Criss etc.  Each Christmas and Easter we visit elderly shelters (an incredible and colorful crowd of mathematicians, physicians, artists, and teachers). Not only do we gather presents for them, more importantly, we offer them our presence, a listening ear, and hopefully something to look forward to during the holiday season.  Imagine meeting with 100 grandmothers and grandfathers who welcome you into their lives, share a small piece of their life story, and offer hard-earned, wise advice. We leave feeling enriched – as if we visited pages of history and lived the book of life.  

On December 1st 2007 Our Big Day Out took another turn and together with 50 volunteers, Ikea, Holcim & McCann Erikson we have partly renovated and re-furbished the Tancabesti center for children suffering from severe handicaps.  

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Alexandra Tinjala  

Our Big Day Out is a Sister initiative, a way of building bridges between the private and civil society sectors; it confirms that being socially responsible is an individual objective, not only a corporate one. Any one of us can do it.

Sister is neither a foundation nor a non-profit organization – it is an advertising agency.

Our Big Day Out is a Sister & Co. initiative.
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